Photo Tips

You might have a favourite photograph of your pet, one that sums up their character perfectly. When choosing or taking a photograph for me to use, it's good to bear in mind a few things first. 



Maybe there is a day to day mannerism that your pet has or a particular way they lie or sit, that you want to capture.  



Ideally the photos should be close up, to ensure that enough of their key features are clearly visible. See the examples shown right. If they are not suitable, you might need to provide more. Try and take the photo on a neutral background, so outline is visible. Taking photos down at animal level will be really helpful. Make sure both eyes are clearly defined, rather than taking at 3/4 view. I find that head shots work much better as give more visual impact.


How to send

Either by email to or post. I will return any posted photos with your completed portrait. If you are at all unsure whether your photos are suitable I will happy to review them and give my advice.


Multiple portraits

If you would like more than one animal in the portrait but have a number of different photographs from which you would like a piece created, this is not a problem. I can combine animals from a number of different photos together. 

Before and After




Original photos of some  the lovely pets I have illustrated